About Art Tours, Etc.

Read an interview with Art Tours, Etc. founder here.

Art Tours, Etc. was started by Olga Stefan in May 2009 with the idea of bringing English-speaking people together in interesting and creative settings.  We offer unique art and cultural experiences in and around Zurich, Switzerland that connect you to the local community, introduce you to a diversity of art venues and artists, as well as to other like-minded individuals. The art tours and events that we organize are great opportunities for people with shared interests to meet, discuss art in a comfortable environment, get to know each other, and create friendships.  For a list of upcoming and past events, please check the schedule.

Tailored events for corporate and private clients are also available in French and Romanian.  Contact us at olgastefanconsulting(at)yahoo(dot)com for group rates.

Praise for our events from participants, click here.

Services for galleries

Galleries are underutilized and need to reach a wider audience – that is known.  But programming is time-consuming and drains the limited resources of the small staff.  Therefore we offer services to our gallery clients that include scheduling, managing, and promoting art events targeting a diverse and interested public.

Past events include panel discussions with artists and art managers, as well as intimate conversations with artists. Some of the programs we’ve developed are:

The Art Circle,

Kunstkino Abend,

Is It Art?,

Art In Switzerland,

and Art in France.

Please visit Art Tours, Etc. for a list of all previous events held at galleries.  For more information, please email me at olgastefanconsulting(at)yahoo(dot)com.