Join Art Tours, Etc. for the first Swiss screening of Michael Sladek’s film, Con Artist, with a discussion afterward.
We will also have the opportunity to see the new exhibition by Swiss artist Dominique Lämmli at Bob Gysin Gallery, the Zurich gallery where this event takes place.
A character-driven dark comedy, Con Artist examines themes of art, celebrity, fortune, fakery and the dark side of American culture through the controversial and contradictory persona of “business artist” Mark Kostabi. The son of Estonian immigrants, Kostabi was initially seen as an exceptional talent and, upon his move to New York City, soon became a successful art star, rocketing to international fame and fortune during the 1980s art / punk / hip hop boom. He accomplished this with a gimmick: to mass-produce, sign, and sell thousands of paintings per year, conceived of and executed not by himself, but by a revolving stable of hired hands supported by an energetic PR team. Eventually, his brazen Capitalistic greed, overt self-promotion and outrageous behavior caused a remarkable fall from grace during the 1990’s recession.
Today, having built back his business but not his fame, Kostabi oversees a staff which pumps out and sells approximately one thousand paintings per year out of his “Kostabi World” studio in New York City. Over the course of this highly energetic comedy, Kostabi’s indefatigable obsession with getting back on top manifests itself in bizarre attempts to regain prominence and find happiness, equating fame with finding true love.
“An entertaining reverie on the concept and addictive nature of celebrity”
-Variety Magazine
“The biggest surprise of the festival…Con Artist blew me away.”
-We Are Movie Geeks
Cost: 20fr per person includes guided tour of Dominique Lämmli’s exhibition, appetizers and drinks.  Art Tours, Etc. members receive 20% off.  Click here to read about membership options:
RSVP and prepayment by April 9. Email for payment details and address.