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Art Tours, Etc. has been organizing arts and cultural events since
2009.   Our art tours have taken you to the most important galleries,
fairs, museums and artists’ studios, while our other programs
brought you private art history presentations, exhibitions, and
discussion sessions that have activated your creativity and intellect.

Our activities include the following programs:

–  Guided art tours that introduce you to leading gallerists and
–  Art presentations and discussion groups focusing on important
art movements with historical analysis, through Is It Art?
Series, Art in Switzerland, and Art in France.
–  Kunstkino Abend – art films and documentaries followed by
–  The Art Circle – panel discussions with artists about
contemporary art and societal issues
–  Art exhibitions and Vernissages

Beginning with a Basic Membership of only 30fr per year, you too can become part of a growing community of art aficionados who meet each other regualry to discuss the things that empassion them – art an culture.

Click here, Become a Member of Art Tours, to download the entire membership information sheet.  To process your membership, please send us your Name, Adresss, Email Address, Phone Number and the appropriate Membership Fee level to:

Olga Stefan, Art Tours, Etc. Membership, Albisstr. 136, 8038 Zurich or if you prefer to make a bank trasnfer, email us at olgastefanconsulting(at)yahoo(dot)com